KT Protein Wafer Chcocolate Peanut Butter 40 g

  • Brand: KT Sport Line
  • Cat No: 3

KT SportLine Protein Wafer Choc Peanut Butter - is a crispy wafer with lime crusts and peanut tahini cream and milk protein, covered with a delicate chocolate coating WITHOUT SUGAR and WITHOUT PALM OIL!

KT SportLine Protein Wafer Choc Peanut Butter is a great choice for a healthy and delicious dessert! The low carb content makes it an ideal choice when you're on a diet and need to consider your carb intake, but don't want to miss out on something delicious!


KT SportLine Protein Wafer Choc Peanut Butter contains 30% milk protein in its composition, which makes it a balanced food that is oriented for everyone. In addition to being incredibly delicious, it provides the body with much-needed proteins for recovery, immunity and good health.

Your whole body will thank you for every bite of KT SportLine Protein Wafer Choc Peanut Butter!

A delight for the senses! Nutritious and filling! Suitable for dessert and snack!

Suitable for diabetics!

Available in a box of 20 pcs.


Content in 1 dose (40 g):

Energy value 234 Kcal / 973 kJ
Fat 16g
- Saturated fat 8.8 g
Carbohydrates 14g
- fibers
- Sugars <1
Protein 8g


Protein, butter, maltitol, cocoa mass, cocoa, soy lecithin, vanilla, stevia, wafer shells, peanut tahini.


Take at any time of the day when you need something tasty and healthy.



1 pc x 40 g.

20 pcs x 40 g.



The product contains gluten, milk, soy, eggs and nuts.

To be stored in a dry and cool place. To be used before the date indicated on the package.